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Eviction Services: We provide the best quality in FAST Eviction Services & Property Management you need right now or in the near future. Our company is responsible for maintaining and increasing the property value of many  homes, complexes and commercial real estate all over Miami Dade and Broward County. Our team brings expert resources to all facets of Property Management & Eviction Services. Our success as a company is directly attributable to our focus in providing superior customer service, exceptional value and dedicated employees who recognize the significance of protecting our clients most important investment – their property.

Goodbye Tenant, Inc. is an independent, non-attorney service dedicated to assisting landlords with evictions, and providing eviction related services. We have provided these services to our clients since January 1992. We believe that Goodbye Tenant, Inc. is the fastest and most effective way to resolve issues with problem tenants.

How does it work?

Goodbye Tenant, Inc. is a one-stop shop eviction service. We prepare paperwork from information that you provide, and then follow your eviction through the legal process, ensuring that the eviction progresses as FAST as possible. We can then meet the sheriff at your property and assist in the removal of the tenant if necessary. This means you can re-rent the property as soon as possible to keep your rental cash flowing. We can even arrange to change the locks and remove the furniture for you. 

Goodbye Tenant Is Very Successful!

  • Taking Possession in less than 21 days
  • Taking Possession in more than 21 days

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